I have had an interest in photography since high school. All that I had was an Argus A2 35mm camera hand-me-down, so a lot of my high-school photo shoots left a lot to be desired.
After High School and a couple of years of college, Uncle Sam caught up with me. I took the Argus with me to Germany, along with a Polaroid camera. I eventually traded the Argus off for a Minolta 16, mainly because I thought it was a really neat camera. I still have that camera in my collection, though finding film for it is difficult. I eventually upgraded to a Miranda and three lenses, which I brought back with me when I left the service.
I took a lot of pictures, and even entertained using my GI bill education benefits to pursue a photography career. I enrolled in a home study course, but after a couple of lessons, the school closed shop. I had a family to support and bills to pay, so that took precedence.
While I wandered down other career paths, I never lost interest in photography. Over the years, I shot a couple of weddings for family and friends. I took lots of pictures on our vacations. But no serious pursuit of a career - the equipment was too expensive and there was not enough time, so I eventually sold most of the darkroom equipment, and a home robbery finished off the the remaining camera equipment.
Fast forward to retirement - I now have some first-rate digital equipment, and am actively working to improve my skills. Here are a few examples, organized by topic: