Since retiring in 2011, we've been fixing up some of the things we wanted to do while we were working but never seemed to find the time to do. We repainted some of the rooms - 11 years takes its toll, regardless of how careful we were. We also got some new furniture, something we had been considering for some time.Here are some of the results.

living room
Living room furnishings. We still have the wall decorations/pictures to go. We're going to reuse one, maybe two, of the items we had with the old furniture. This view is looking out from the kitchen area.
Living room furnishings. This view is looking from in front of the fireplace. 

living room


Rufus finds the new furniture very comfortable, especially when we're both in the room.
Bench seat in the hall. We found this one on a recent trip to Comfort, TX.
hall bench 
hall table
Custom hall table from Kerrville, TX trip. Surprisingly affordable and very quick delivery. Unfortunately, the manufacturer only works the southern half of Texas. Guess this means another road trip to Kerrville if we need to get something else from them...